WordPress Is Easy

Using WordPress can feel extremely hard, but when you learn to understand how it works, things get a lot easier.

I will show you how you can start your website from zero (or from any point you’re at) and finish it during the course. Actually you could do the whole process in just 1-2 days, but when you’re just learning, it’s good to take your time to let all the new skills sink in.

This is a free beta round of the course. It will become a paid course later (at least $97), but you have now an amazing opportunity to get in for free.

We start at February17th and runs for 4 weeks, so jump in now! This is the only time the course will be free.

Just fill in the application and you’re in!

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This is perfect for you if

  • you’re starting out with WordPress
  • you have a WordPress website, but it has technical problems that keep you stuck
  • you have a WordPress website but you’re not proud of it
  • you feel website shame
  • you want to take control of your WordPress website yourself
  • you want to understand how WordPress works so you’re not limited to certain actions you have memorized, but are not really sure what you’re doing
  • you have too much uncertainty around WordPress
  • you have limited time and want to get your website ready so you can actually share its link to people

We will be building a website that is simple, but has all the basic pages that are needed.

Stuck with WordPress?
If you feel like that, this course is just what you need. 🙂 Even if you’re just starting out, you can get confident with WordPress in just 4 weeks. That’s a short time compared to several months or an eternity.

Course topics:

  • If you don’t have webhosting or WordPress installed yet, I’ll show you where you can get them.
  • WordPress basics (expecting you have never seen WordPress before)
  • You will choose a simple theme (I will give you recommendations)
  • You will set up a menu, sidebar content, header and footer
  • You will learn basic of plugins and what they can do (they can do a lot!)
  • Adding images and videos to WordPress
  • Creating and editing pages and blog posts with the new and simple Gutenberg editor (no need for external page builder plugins!)
  • THAT IS ALL! Actually you don’t need anything else! Just trust me when I say this!

What is NOT covered in the course:

It’s fair to mention that not everything can be covered in one course. Websites can have so many different plugins, services and extensions connected to them, but getting your website done and published is the most important step. You can start promoting your site and get feedback and can get feedback and then you will know what to add to your website next.

These will NOT be covered in the course:

  • Connecting other services like email services (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaing, etc.) is NOT covered – this is too much for this course, even though it’s an important part of a modern website and I WILL give you some initial ideas about how you can do it; on the other hand, the skills you get from the course will help you a lot. As you understand the basics of how everything in WordPress works, you will know where to insert subscription form code or whatever is the way you need to add to connect the service to your website.
  • creating an online store with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce is NOT covered – it’s a huge undertaking and would require a course of its own

Who’s your teacher?

Hi! I’m Sanna Väätänen, and I’ve been working with website almost since the beginning of the internet. I started my career as a programmer, so website stuff is relatively easy for me.

My biggest superpower would probably be being able to listen and understand what non-technical people struggle with and how they see the online world. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking how I can best translate that technical world to them.

My clients’ reactions have ranged from relief to extasy when we’ve worked together and solved their website problems. Impossible tasks have become possible. That makes me very happy.

I’m from Finland (that’s in Scandinavia, Northern Europe). It’s winter now, but it’s been awfully warm and in Southern Finland we don’t have snow at the moment. Instead of skiing I’m now writing this page, so I guess you will benefit from our non-winter.

How you will benefit from the course

  • You will learn to become resourceful, you’re not tied to memorized paths and actions, but you can apply your new knowledge and skills when you need to “take a detour to an unknown land” = you have to do something you were not directly taught 🙂
  • You will have a website that allows you to sleep at night. Because it’s simple, you know what’s in there. Because it’s simple, you have the time to periodically check if all the links are working, and so on. Because it’s simple, updating it doesn’t take much time. Because it’s simple, it won’t break down that easily and problems are easier to spot.
  • You will learn how to express your personal and unique character with simple methods. No need for expensive web design services (even though they’re very useful and good in many cases).

Just remember: Your website visitors and clients don’t expect your website to be something out of this world with 1000 blog posts and special effects. Your visitors are interested in whether you can help them with their problems. A simple website works much better in that than a large and messy one. Your content is easier for them to see and read when they are not buried under layers of visual fluff.

Simple doesn’t mean primitive or lame. Simple means that it has just the right pages and a clear layout with some nice personal visual touches like fonts, colors and images. Your visitors will find your content easily and will become your customers when they clearly see what you offer and how you can help them!

As I said in the beginning, the course is free (ONLY NOW, NOT LATER), so just jump in now and we will begin on February 17th!

Fill in the form here and you will get a confirmation email soon. No payment, just submit the form. Here’s the link: https://sannavaatanen.typeform.com/to/fe6AI6

PS. This is a free beta round of the course, but I’m treating it and you as if this is a paid course (which it will be on the next round).

I’d really love for you to join! 💖